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Of Hahamons and GGmons: A Year-ender

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Today is December 28, in three days we’ll say goodbye to 2011 and say hello to the last 356 days of our lives. Haha! Anyway, since there would be no more relatively significant things that would happen, I think, in the next three days, this would be my last post for this year. So… yeah!

2011 had been one helluva roller coaster ride: a lot of things happened; so many thoughts surged through my brain; gallons of ale, liquor, and coffee were consumed; numerous tumbles, a dozen stumbles, thousands of highs; and one specific low that planted my face to the ground and dragged me so far that when I was able to get up, I didn’t know what the meaning of life was. But, I wouldn’t be writing about those stuff, that would take forever. Instead I would write about the things that really matter; things like life, love, friendship, happiness, joy, and probably hahamons.

If you’d ask me about the things I’ve learned this year, I’d say I’ve learned a lot; but if you’d ask me for one specific lesson, I’d tell you that the world is a very cruel place, filled with shit and a lot of people who think as if their asses and brains were switched. Yes. There were a lot of times that the world crapped on me. I’ve heard a lot of people telling me to do the right thing, to choose the responsible decision, and many more stuff. They said things that made me tell them to fukc off. Haha! Thanks to them, I am now looking at life from a different perspective; they led me to a more realistic approach on things, on problems that needed to be handled with a lot of freakin’ care. Every person is different, what’s right and responsible for you may not be right and responsible for me. We, as individuals, need not let other people decide for us; especially if our lives, sanity, and balls are on the line. Ah! Life!

As humans, we all make mistakes and since we’ve been given extra-large brains, we should also be able to admit that we’ve made mistakes, a lot of mistakes. Sometimes we make ultra-mega-hyper-super-duper-über mistakes which leads us to delve in it for an ultra-mega-hyper-super-duper-über long time; and that would be a more ultra-mega-hyper-super-duper-über mistake. Where am I getting to? Sometimes, the most complicated problems have the simplest solutions – we must admit to ourselves that we’ve done something wrong, apologize to the people involved, AND move on. We shouldn’t let one big problem lock its jaws on us and set us up for a death roll, as the superb trio of BrewRATS always say, “Let go, move on.” Hehe. I’m sorry if it seems that this paragraph came out of nowhere, ’cause it actually did. Haha! Anyway, let’s move on.

I… have… found love, a lot of times this year, and I’ve learned to define it in ways that never crossed my mind for the past N years of my life. Love is ____. I never thought that a love that’s great and pure still existed until it rained on me; a love that learned to understand and look past ultra-mega-hyper-super-duper-über faults, a love that accepted someone like me who made an ultra-mega-hyper-super-duper-über mistake, and I am really, really, REALLY thankful because there is still that one person who UMHSDÜ-ly loves me. I’ve also found and felt love from a lot of people who stood by when I smelled and looked like a bucket full of dog crap; there were many times that I didn’t know what to do, I needed people to talk to, to project my anger on and stuff, they were there. Some of them were just listeners, some were brave enough to slap me on the back of the head, but all of them showed a lot of love. Yes. Love is ____. I’ve learned to love life more; I’ve learned to understand love more. I’ve found more ways to express love, from eating the sisiw of my girlfriend’s balut to folding clothes that have been hanging on the clothesline for days for my mom. If I would make a list of my favorite things for 2011, Love would be the first one. Yeah.

2011, I’ve met a lot of people. Acquaintances that turned out to be pretty good friends; old good friends that turned out to be better friends; better friends that became freakishly better; and best friends that proved their awesomeness. Yep. A few months back, I was talking to my “master” and told him about a lot of people who I call friends, at the end of that topic in our P.I.-filled conversation, he told me, “Don’t you think it’s about time that you deliberate the list of people you call, ‘friends'” Good thing I wasn’t able to do what he told me, though there are only a number of I’ll-stick-to-you-til-the-end kind of friends on that list that stand out, those who are inside the fences of mediocrity are also worth keeping. Hehe.

Between all these, there’s GOD. I was thinking of the things that happened to me for the past 12 months: all that crap; life-ending thoughts; blahs and stuff, and I realized that God helped me through it all. I’ve browsed through the past year in my mind and I’ve learned that I’ve received a greater number of blessings over crap, it just depends on how I see it. Now that all the possible bubbles have settled and all that’s showing is that delicious, ice-cold, golden beer, I can say that God really loves those who love Him dearly. There were many times that I’ve turned away from Him but still He’s there, watching, waiting for me to come back to Him. He was there seeing that I would be able to go through all the kahapahamahakahans that I brought to myself.

This year opened my eyes to a lot of things, making me see clearer, making me a better person. I crossed a dark street covered with shit and avoiding it would be useles; gladly, I pulled through. I smell like shit, but hey, it’s better than still being in all that shit. All that’s left for me is to execute the plans I have for the coming year; be a better person that I am at this moment, become healthier, more faithful, N pesos richer. I know it wouldn’t be easy, it may be harder than the things that I’ve experience this year, but what the hell? I’m ready. Plus, given the fact that I have a lot of people who’d support me and that the Lord will hold me, ay, wala na! GG na, sir! Haha! Magasagaragap pagarigin tagalagang magabuguhagay (GGmon) ahat wahalahang mahas hihigihit paha dihito (Hahamon). I pray that God would continue to bless y’all, imaginary readers. Let’s get ready to rock for 2012. It wouldn’t be the end, it’s just the beginning. *pure-unadulterated-heartfelt-genuine-with-thoughts-that-the-coming-year-would-be-better-happier-lovelier-and-all-that-shit-smile* Mwah! Mwah! Tsup! Tsup!


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